Board of Directors

Amie Buzby
Amie is a Surgical Coordinator for a Women's Health Clinic, a mother of three (two boys and one awesome little Roller Derby girl - Bluejay). She has played the sport herself and now she enjoys watching her daughter learn the sport. She is dedicated to doing what it takes to help our organization thrive.
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Jacob Buzby
Vice President
Jake is Amie's husband and when the need arose, he stepped up to support the organization, and make the organization continues to thrive.
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Dan Slentz
Treasurer (acting)
Dan is the father of two amazing junior Roller Derby skaters (Command Blocker and CoolCakes), and is the husband of Jessica Slentz (aka, HotCakes). He's stepped up to help the organization fulfill this critical role and
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Amie Buzby
Secretary (Acting)
Amie is fulfilling this role until we can find someone else who is interested and qualified to apply for this position.
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Ray Cardillo
Ex-Officio / Founder
Ray is a successful Software Development Manager, a father of three daughters who all play Roller Derby, and the husband of Lisa Cardillo (aka, Mighty Mite). He is the primary founder of CNYJRD. After relocating for work, he is not able help directly any longer, but he still provides organizational advice and technical support.
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Lisa Cardillo
Ex-Officio / Founder
Lisa is a Master Hair Stylist, a mother of three daughters who all play Roller Derby, and the wife of Ray Cardillo (aka, Mr. Mighty). She is the co-founder of CNYJRD and was previously the Head Coach. She is now with Charm City Roller Girls. After relocating for work, she is not able help directly any longer, but she still provides coaching advice.
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